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Articulated mannequins

Articulated mannequins with fabric and wooden arms.

The arms is also awalibel in raw wood (light).

  • Articulated mannequins with wooden cap. Fabric mannequins and torsoes with articulated arms
  • Vintage - Schaufensterpuppen kann mit Drahtkopf, Stoffkopf oder Headless mit einer Holzkappe verwendet werden.
  • articulated female and male mannequins
  • articulated mannequins with Wire head
  • articulated mannequins and torsoes

Buy our articulated mannequins – vintage style

Articulated mannequins – Vintage style with fabric and wooden arms.

This collection is a bestseller.

The mannequins and torso collections can be combined. You can choose raw light wooden arms or black ones. Heads are available with fabric, wire heads or the wooden cap. As seen on the pictures, these mannequins work well with the wooden cap instead of a head. If you wish for legs in different color, this can be done by our painting department.

Through our different manufacturers of mannequins, we may be able to obtain exactly the mannequin you are looking for. Contact us, if you have specific requests and questions about our mannequins.

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