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Vintage female mannequin - Claire collection

The Claire mannequin collection can be delivered in 6 different positions. Other colours is possible.

  • Vintage dame schaufensterpuppen
  • Vintage Dame Schaufensterpuppen. 6 verschiedene Positionen
  • Vintage Dame Schaufensterpuppen. 6 verschiedene Positionen

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Vintage female mannequin – claire collection

Feminine and modern vintage female mannequin in a nice off-white color and where the head is covered with a fine textile. The female mannequin is available in several different models, both standing and sitting. The head of the mannequins is removable, which means it can be taken off and the mannequin can be used as a headless one. This provides great flexibility and variety in relation to the use of the mannequin.

For this series of female mannequins, other heads can also be purchased to attach. Our range consists of several different types of stylistic heads  with and without make-up, but also the more abstract ones. We continuously design new heads so that they fit the fashion and the trend of the time.

This female mannequin is delivered in the standard color off-white, but other colors are requested another color we can offer to repaint for a painting supplement. Call and find out more about our selection of favers.