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Stylistic male mannequin

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Stylistic male mannequin

High Quality mannequins in size 52 (European Style). Sculptured in U.K. and in Denmark to the Scandinavian Marked.

4 different positions.

All colours is possible.

Beautiful and stylish men’s mannequin that presents the clothes with elegance and confidence in style.
Very charismatic male mannequin that you easily fall in love with.

There are 4 models in the series. 3 standing and 1 sitting model.

Hugo belongs to our Head & Body series. The head is removable, which gives very flexible options to use the mannequin as headless or choose several different types of heads. see, for example, the mannequin with an abstract head: https://europeanmannequins.com/mannequin-christian/  or with vintage fabric head: https://europeanmannequins.com/herre-mannequiner/

Hugo is delivered as standard in off-white, but can, for a small surcharge, be repainted to, for example, grey: https://europeanmannequins.com/hugo-herre-mannequinen/

The possibilities are endless and only the imagination sets the limit.

Hugo is supplied with a round glass plate as well as a foot and play spike.

If you want a similar female mannequin, we recommend Malou, which is a good match: https://europeanmannequins.com/malou-dame-mannequin/