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Colourful mannequins on the beach.

Our new mannequin collection “Colorful mannequins” is available in different color combinations, where the grey color on the legs and arms are reapearing.

Colourful mannequins is a new collection.

Colourful mannequins in 9 different positions, and all colours is possible.

Made for the European marked in Size 10 (UK), 38 (EUR)

The mannequins can be delivered in all color combinations, so if you have any special wishes we can fulfill them.

This mannequin series can be delivered in many different standing and sitting positions and there are also two torso models for the series.

The mannequins and torsos are delivered in size 38 and have many nice details. See, for example, the feet and hands, which are very exclusive compared to normal mannequins.

The mannequin has the very modern facial expression which is in principle a mixture between the earlier abstract / moon mannequins and the naturalistic mannequins.

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